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Reasons Why Seniors Move to Florida as A Retiree

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You invested years in building a successful career and certainly earned a happy retirement. Your dream was to enjoy a luxury retirement. Florida is a hub for retired seniors. Wondering why?

Reasons seniors move to Florida as a retiree

  • Sunshine – Florida is popular as a Sunshine state. It boasts more than 230 days of sunlight. The climate is tropical with mild winters, warm summer, and pleasant springs. From May to October, there is rain but sunshine is in abundance. It means retirees can enjoy a good time outdoors all around the year.
  • Popular beaches – Florida beaches are spread across 1,200+ miles. The coastline includes the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf. The sand on the beaches is white and soft. Sanibel is the number one beach in Florida popular for its calm shores and shells. Retirees go for a beach walk and explore the 19th-century lighthouse. Destin is another beach town, where people visit to spot the sea turtles and dolphins.
  • Outdoor activities – Florida retirement accompanies lots of rest and even outdoor activities. At Crystal River, dive with the manatees. At Amelia Island, go on horse riding expedition. Explore Everglades National park. At Marine Sanctuary, watch the amazing coral. Retirees can enjoy an active lifestyle as the climate allows it. They can even participate in running, hiking, surfing, swimming, etc.
  • Health care – As a senior, you may be concerned about the healthcare sector. Florida has high-quality medical care and health services.
  • Tax breaks – The seniors get a chance to keep their whole income. For retirees, Florida is tax-friendly. The property taxes are affordable and there is no inheritance or estate tax.
  • Social life – As Florida is a Mecca for senior citizens, you will find retirees from all across the world. Your retirement adventure away from home can be awesome as you start making friends with the seniors. Connect and share your life experiences with others is good.

Before making a move

You got an idea of how beneficial it is to retire in Florida and spend your golden years in luxury. Living on your own will be more expensive, so you can consider getting enrolled in the Florida Retirement Community. There are also lots of home purchase options. Clearwater, Delra beach, and Palm Bay are popular places for seniors.

Other things you will need to consider is hiring a mover company, create a realistic moving budget, plan garage sale to purge unwanted things, label every box you pack, mark fragile on boxes that hold delicate things, make sure to use old clothes to pad the fragile items, etc. To ship a car from Washington to Floridamake sure to empty it. 

Visit https://www.shipacarinc.com/washington-to-florida-car-shipping/ to get a quote. Ship a Car, Inc. has truckers with more than 3 decades of knowledge in shipping and transporting all types of vehicles. SAC has safely shipped collector cars or classic cars or military vehicles and more.

Florida is the best place for retirees because 13 international airports make it easy for their loved ones to visit them. With all the sunshine and fresh air senior citizens can spend an active lifestyle!

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