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Few Things to Remember When You Are Test-Riding A Motorcycle

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While buying a new or old motorcycle, you need to take a test drive, but in most cases a buyer may not know exactly what should be seen during such a test drive.

What you may consider to be a normal can also be actually problematic, especially if you are taking test drive on any moto harley usagé (English meaning is used Harley for sale).

Unlike with any car, if your motorcyce wheel happens to be even remotely wobbly, there is no natural safety available on any motorcycle, so that it can protect you from any serious injury.

In case the seller refuses to offer you a motorcycle for taking a test drive so that you know how you feel, then it is better to walk away from the deal.

However, if the seller is offering you to take test drive then what to do? Following are few guidelines about what you are looking for.

  • It is not a joyride

Since the dealer is offering you the motorcycle with the hope that he will get a business, but that does not mean, you use it as a joyride.

  • Keep your focus on engine

While taking a test ride, your whole focus should be on the engine, whether it is making any noise or vibration or smell etc.

  • Focus on the performance of engine

Drive the motor cycle in many different speeds, by changing gears etc. and see how your engine responds.

  • Focus on brakes

Brake is another important thing that you must check very carefully and check its response at different speed and how comfortable you feel.

  • The quality of ride

Make sure about quality of the ride you had after driving.

  • The handling

Possibly with the test drive, you may not know enough about handling, but check, does it respond to you for your inputs?

  • Focus on things that you don’t like

Also, note down anything that you did not like while test driving.

  • Don’t start negotiating immediately after you return

Take some time to sum up everything that you have observed and take little time to introspect, before you discuss about it with the dealer.

  • New bikes may not be the same like test ride bikes

Usually, it will be safe to give slight allowance to the new motorcycle because when it will be delivered it will be better.

  • What if dealer refuses to allow test ride?

You must walk out from the deal if the dealer refuses to offer test drive, particularly for used motorcycle.

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